Panther: Can’t log back in problem is back

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
December 4th, 2003 • 7:52 am

F***ing hell. I thought that doing a clean install of Panther had cured my problem with being unable to log back in after logging out.

Well, it didn’t. The problem is back, and it’s annoying as hell. (It means that each time I want to log out, I have to restart.)

At this stage, I have two theories: either it’s a bug in Panther, or it’s a weird incompatibility problem with one of the pieces of software that I use. I’m going to have to report this as a bug to Apple, even though they’ll probably have a hard time reproducing it. I am afraid there’s nothing else that I can do.

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  1. MacDesigner says:

    Have you tried a different keyboard. Your problem sounds like it could be hardware related too. I haven’t heard of anyone else experiencing this problem.

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    I have tried connecting another (different) keyboard when the problem happens, and I still can’t type anything. I think it’s a software problem. My keyboards are fine :).

  3. Pierre Igot says:

    It might very well be a hardware issue, but I just tried the whole process (with machine turned off) with another keyboard, and the problem was exactly the same. So if it’s hardware, then it might be the USB ports and not the keyboard itself.

    i also tried without Spell Catcher, and the problem is still there. In fact, I tried in Safeboot mode (holding the Shift key all the way through), and the problem was still there. This seems to eliminate 3rd party software as a culprit.

    Since I never ever experienced the problem with Jaguar, I strongly suspect that it’s Panther.

    Thanks for the tips :).

  4. MacDesigner says:

    I still think it could be a hardware issue. However, a lot of the keyboard issues in the discussion boards involve 3rd party software. I know you use some special apps to help with your typing, perhaps it’s something in SpellCatcher. Small bugs like this are the most frustrating for both the user and support. But usually if a problem reoccurs after a clean install it points to hardware issues. The only way to determine if it is a Panther issue is to see if the problem occurs with only Panther installed, no additional software added. Of course this may not be possible due to deadlines and work that you may need to get done. If it is 3rd party software, you’d need to start with any software that modifies or enhances the functionality of the keyboard. Even if it’s been updated to be compatible with Panther, perhaps it and another program are causing the conflict.

    Good Luck

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