Articles posted on December 21st, 2003

Panther’s Mail: Auto-complete doesn’t work for company names

Sunday, December 21st, 2003 • 11:38 pm

I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed this before, but today I tried to insert the e-mail address of a software company that I have listed in my Address Book in the “To:” field by typing the first few letters of the name of the company and… it simply wouldn’t work. It looks as if […]

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Panther’s Mail: Behaviour of contextual e-mail address menu improved

Sunday, December 21st, 2003 • 11:23 pm

It is a very small change, yet important for me — and probably for enough people to prompt Apple to make it in the first place. As of Mac OS X 10.3.2, when you click on the small white triangle pointing down next to an e-mail address in the “To:” or “Cc:” or “Bcc:” field […]

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Mac OS X 10.3.2: What does it fix?

Sunday, December 21st, 2003 • 7:57 am

As usual, Apple’s own documentation regarding the changes made in Panther with the 10.3.2 is rather laconic: Key enhancements include: improved file sharing and directory services for mixed Mac and PC networks more robust printing to PostScript printers improved font management updated Mail and Address Book applications new ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers FileVault, FireWire […]

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