Support Betalogue

I am not trying to make money with Betalogue. But if you have found some of the information and advice provided useful or helpful, and you feel like expressing your gratitude with more than a few words of thanks, you can always have a look at my Amazon wish lists and buy me something from one of them.

I have four Amazon wish lists: one in the US, one in Canada, one in the UK, and one in France. All four use the same shipping address in Nova Scotia, Canada, which is where I live. I regularly buy from all four stores and have never had any problems with them that were not quickly solved. So feel free to use any of these four wish lists, depending on where you live and how much you want to spend in your currency.

Please note, however, that, for orders shipped from France and the UK, I usually have to pay customs duties and taxes when I receive the packages. I don’t mind, but I need to know in advance that this is going to occur. So if you buy me something from the France or UK list, please let me know. It might spoil the surprise, but it will be a shame if I end up refusing to pay duties and taxes on something that I didn’t order, because I am not expecting anything.

Also, I am obviously aware that DVDs from Europe are PAL Region 2 DVDs and are not supposedly to be playable here in North America. Ditto for Region B Blu-Ray disks. But I have a region-free player just for that purpose, so it’s not a problem for me.

Here are links to the four wish lists: