Panther’s Mail: Weird mailbox icon mystery solved

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
December 4th, 2003 • 7:17 am

I have actually found a way to reproduce the white folder icon in Mail’s mailbox drawer. It is a new thing in Panther’s Mail: you can have folders that are not mailboxes themselves.

The weird thing is that the only way to create such folders (as far as I can tell) is to: a) create a new mailbox folder (1); b) create a new mailbox folder (2) inside (1); c) select (1) and choose “Delete…” from the Action menu. The first time you do this, Mail actually offers to delete (1) as a mailbox and not (1) as a folder containing mailboxes (it is both at this stage). When you do this, then the icon becomes white, and you can no longer transfer messages to it. If you select (1) again and choose “Delete…” again, then it offers to delete the mailbox folders inside (1) — i.e. (2) in this case.

Weird interface. There should be a more straightforward way to create a folder that’s not a mailbox, and then the same “Delete” action should not have two different behaviours. There should be two different “Delete” commands (“Delete Folder” and “Delete Mailbox”).

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  1. Clint MacDonald says:

    Here’s an easier way to make a white mailbox (one that won’t allow mail in it, but will allow submailboxes (a word I coined): ctrl-click or right click and choose “New…”. Then, create a mailbox followed by and slash and a submailbox in this format: “mailbox/submailbox”. The new submailbox will be contained within a white mailbox.


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