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Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
November 1st, 2003 • 1:25 am

While waiting for my own copy of Panther, I am, of course, reading reports on Panther carefully. Beyond the usually flashy stuff with little substance that comes out on mainstream Mac sites, there are interesting and valuable bits of information that can be found here and there.

Erik Barzeski at has an interesting entry about automatic hard drive defragmentation in Panther. Although our hard drives keep getting bigger and bigger, you can definitely experience a small performance deterioration over time as more and more files becomes scattered over the place. (Each person’s experience will vary, of course.) The Panther approach seems to be an elegant solution to a old problem. It will also provide me with a ready-made answer for PC people inquiring about whether they need to “defragment their Mac” — as they have become so accustomed to having to do it on the PC.

The October 27 issue of TidBITS also has a number of “interesting bits” about Panther.

3 Responses to “Panther Bits”

  1. driverdaave says:

    Panther rocks! It makes my 400Mhz G4 feel fast. Also, no more Sendmail, Panther comes stock with Postfix.

    I have yet to update my laptop, I’ve heard bad things about installing 10.3 over 10.2.x, so I’ve decided to go the clean install route, which I simply don’t have the time for right now.

  2. Erik J. Barzeski says:

    Some day, people will spell my name correctly. :-)

  3. Pierre Igot says:

    Oops, too busy making sure I got the LAST name right ;-)

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