van Nistelrooy’s dark side

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
September 24th, 2003 • 9:23 pm

Pete Gill at adds to the debate following the incidents at Old Trafford on Sunday.

In particular, he echoes the comments in the Times on Monday about van Nistelrooy’s “unpleasant, dark side to his game”:

From the sight of him punching Freddie Ljungberg in May 2002, to his use of the arm in the build-up to United’s opening goal last November, his knee-high hack at Lauren two months later, his sprint past his prone team-mate Ole Solskjaer to demand that the linesmen recommend Sol Campbell’s dismissal in April, to his electric shock reaction and remonstrations to Steve Bennett on Sunday, the contempt, bordering on hate, that the Arsenal players have for Van Nistelrooy, is easy to fathom.

While this doesn’t excuse anything, it certainly helps bring some balance to the debate. Whether the FA will take it INTO account when making its decision about the consequences for Arsenal players remains to be seen.

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