Articles posted on September 20th, 2003

EPL: Day 6, Part 1

Saturday, September 20th, 2003 • 11:58 pm

Chelsea were predictably all over Wolverhampton at home. It simply looks like Wolves don’t have a hope in hell of surviving in the Premier League. I guess that’ll be comforting to other teams threatened with a relegation battle. Tottenham’s woes continue, even though Kanouté keeps scoring. They’ve lost at home again, and I don’t really […]

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Latest “Apple Peel” column at

Saturday, September 20th, 2003 • 9:27 pm

My latest “Apple Peel” column is now up at “Memory Protection for Documents” It’s partly a rehash of things already touched upon in this blog, but with a bit more depth.

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Jean-Louis Murat, « Je me donne » (2000)

Saturday, September 20th, 2003 • 12:57 am

L’une des choses les plus remarquables dans les prestations « live » de Jean-Louis Murat est qu’elles recèlent presque toujours au moins quelques perles inédites, qui n’ont jamais paru ni sur les albums officiels ni sur les divers CD-singles et autres formats à tirage plus limité. L’artiste est en effet éminemment prolifique et ne se prive pas […]

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