Word X: Ruler Frustration

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
September 15th, 2003 • 5:47 pm

Here’s the situation:


I am in a cell TABLE in which the text is formatted with bullets and a negative indent (but not using Word’s lousy built-in Bullets feature). The last paragraph in the cell obviously is not formatted properly. What I want to do is drag the bottom widget for the left indent to the right in ORDER to create a negative indent.

What you can see in the picture is exactly what’s happening when I click on the mouse button. Even though my mouse pointer is on the widget, when I click on the mouse button Word selects (invisibly) the tab stop that’s right next to it. (The vertical line indicates that the tab stop is selected, and is intended to SHOW me where the text will align with the tab stop.)

There is no way to SELECT and move the left indent widget in the ruler. Even if I use a 500% zoom setting in Word to blow up the whole thing and effectively separate the left indent widget from the tab stop by half an inch on the screen, when I click on the left indent widget, Word still selects the tab.


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