EPL: Day 5, Part 2

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
September 15th, 2003 • 4:44 am

Today, there were a couple of less interesting games on — at least on paper. Both of them turned out to be quite entertaining. The Manchester City game saw a complete reversal of fortune in the second half, with Anelka and Co. thumping the Aston Villa opposition. It’s good to see Anelka score goals, even though two of them were penalties. The old adage about never getting a dull moment when Kevin Keegan is in charge certainly held true. In truth, Villa were pretty dreadful in the second half, which prevented the game from being really thrilling.

As for the Birmingham vs. Fulham game, it was a bit too physical — but Fulham deserved a point after playing the greater part of the second half with 10 men only and still managing to regain the lead.

It’s still hard to tell whether any of these teams will be challenging for anything valuable this season — but Fulham are certainly not as poor as some predicted they would be, and it looks like the latest additions to the Man City team could help boost their chances of claiming a European spot.

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