Word 2011: Still major page redrawing problems

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
November 5th, 2010 • 4:33 pm

And the final chapter in the on-going “Oh my God, I can’t believe I paid $150 for this crap” saga for this week…

Here’s a template that was sent to me today for me to fill out some sections with my own text:

Table redraw

As you can see, I am in Page Layout view mode, and the cursor is inside the last cell on the first page.

And here is what happens as soon as I start typing text:

Table redraw

Actually, it’s even worse in reality, because the entire second page flickers constantly while I am typing, which is extremely distracting and also affects the responsiveness of the software significantly. And whether the second page is visible or invisible by the time I am finished typing seems to be random. Sometimes it is visible. Most often it’s not. I have to resize the whole document window or switch view modes to force Word to redraw things properly.

Really. It’s pathetic. There is obviously zero effort in quality control at Microsoft, and Mac OS X users continue to be used as a cash cow and abused as Office users.

On Tuesday, I wrote that Word 2011 seemed to have fixed some of the major text redraw issues that plagued Word 2008. This was obviously only very partially true.

In addition, while switching to Draft view mode does help avoid the flickering and reduce the responsiveness issues, as noted in my post on Tuesday, font kerning in Draft view mode is so bad that switching to that mode is just trading one problem for another.

I hate Microsoft.

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