That ‘saxophone’ on Prince’s ‘Somewhere Here On Earth’

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July 24th, 2007 • 9:21 am

The Guardian (U.K.):

Even more lovelorn is ‘Somewhere Here on Earth’, a classy affair in which piano and saxophone have meaningful intercourse. ‘Mr Goodnight’ finds dirt back on Prince’s mind.

New Musical Express (U.K.):

Driven by gentle piano strings and a seductive saxophone, Prince turns on the charm for this late night jazz piece.

The Edmonton Sun (Canada):

Brushed drums, a delicate piano, silky strings and a smoky sax set a classy boudoir-jazz mood, as Prince puts down his beloved axe long enough to seduce you with that girly falsetto of his.

(My emphasis.)

All this and more, courtesy of a simple Google search.

I have listened to this beautiful track a few times now, and I am afraid I can definitely hear a muted trumpet and a flute—but a saxophone? Oh dear.

What does that tell you about the actual level of musical expertise of mainstream media music reviewers?

2 Responses to “That ‘saxophone’ on Prince’s ‘Somewhere Here On Earth’”

  1. Arden says:

    I see what you mean. The trumpet definitely sounds like a saxophone — I thought it was, until I re-read your post.

  2. Olivier2 says:

    Arden, it doesn’t sound like a saxophone at all. That was the point of Pierre’s post.

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