Horizontal scrolling with Mighty Mouse in Adobe Illustrator CS 2

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
March 21st, 2006 • 1:51 pm

This one is a bit of a mystery.

Ever since I got my G5 Quad with its Mighty Mouse, I have been unable to scroll horizontally using the Mighty Mouse’s scroll ball in Adobe Illustrator CS 2.

I submitted a bug report about this to Apple, but they responded with a message saying that they couldn’t reproduce the problem. Not just once, but twice, with two different Tiger builds, they responded saying that they couldn’t reproduce it.

Today I decided to do a little bit of research on it and quickly found this page on Adobe’s web site that states quite clearly:

You can’t scroll horizontally with Mighty Mouse in Adobe Illustrator CS2 on Mac OS X.

Solution: Hold down the Command key when you scroll.

Background information
The horizontal scrolling function of the Mighty Mouse scroll ball does not work in Illustrator CS2 .


Indeed horizontal scrolling with the Mighty Mouse scroll ball does work when you hold down the Command key. But then vertical scrolling ceases to work :-/. What a bummer!

It’s the kind of thing that should have been fixed by Adobe through a free update a long time ago—but of course, Adobe being what they are, it won’t be fixed until Adobe Illustrator CS 3 (or whatever it’s called) comes out, and then you’ll have to pay hundreds for it.

Still, I simply cannot understand how Apple’s engineers can claim that they cannot reproduce the problem. It does make me question the quality of the process they use to deal with bug reports!

I’ve just sent them a follow-up with a link to the Adobe web page. I suspect they’ll never respond to that.

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  1. Julik says:

    You haven’t seen the best of it. Macromedia wanted users to buy Fireworks 8 just to make the Wacom tablets work _again_. Wacom had changed something in the drivers to the point that Fireworks became busted – you couldn’t scroll, couldn’t move opjects around etc. Guess what? No update.

    As to scrolling – no wonder for Adobe with their “all custom” user interface code.

  2. Julik says:

    By the way – of all CS 2 apps Illustrator is the worst affected (probably because it has been given to Adobe India in it’s entirety).

    For instance, if you open Illustrator with non-US keyboard active it will munge all keyboard shortcuts.

  3. Pierre Igot says:

    I am not a heavy Illustrator user, but the shortcuts appear to be working on my system with the Canadian CSA keyboard.

  4. Julik says:

    Oops, confusion – this has been fixed in CS 2 – but was present in CS.

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