Word 2004: Bug in ‘Organizer’ dialog box

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
June 8th, 2004 • 11:29 pm

In Word, the “Organizer” command gives you access to a dialog box whose interface is strongly reminiscent of the Font/DA Mover program that we used to have in the pre-Mac OS 7 days on the Mac for moving fonts and desk accessories around.

In Word, this interface is used to move customizations around, including styles, AutoText entries, toolbars, and macro commands.

Of course, in every new version of Word, you can always trust Microsoft to introduce new bugs, even in areas where no improvements have been made. Here’s one in that “Organizer” dialog box:

Organizer bug

As you can see, the dialog box has two lists side by side, one for the styles available in the “Normal” template (open by default), and one… where nothing is open. Below that list is a button that reads “Close File” when something is open (as it does below the list on the left-hand side) and “Open…” when nothing is open.

As you can see in this screen shot, however, the button on the right read “Close File” even though no file is open. Even clicking on the button (as I did before taking the screen shot) doesn’t cause it to “refresh” its contents and display “Open…” instead.

Of course, the button still works as expected (i.e. clicking on it does bring the “Open File” dialog box that lets you open a Word file). But it’s still effectively a red light that means “Go”. Ooops.

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