Articles posted on June 19th, 2004

Word 2004: Still doesn’t support Mac OS X window management properly

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 • 11:06 pm

In Word 2004, Microsoft hasn’t fixed any of the problems in Word X regarding window management. If you are in another application and want to close a Word document window without bringing Word to the foreground, you can’t — even if the document is in a saved state and Word doesn’t need user input (“Do […]

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Euro 2004: First Round, Group D, Day 2

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 • 10:47 pm

I must admit that we fast-forwarded through most of yesterday’s games. There is only so much football that you can watch… and when none of the teams in the group are particularly inspiring (with the possible exception of the Czech Republic), well, you take the opportunity to do something else with your time. Still, it […]

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Panther freezes: It’s not the screen saver

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 • 10:34 pm

A few years ago, I speculated that my on-going problem with system-wide freezes in Panther might be in part due to a problem with the built-in screen saver software itself. I then said I would turn the screen saver software off entirely and see what happens. Well, within two days I got evidence that I […]

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Word 2004: New bug with blinking I-beam cursor

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 • 5:16 am

Word 2004 introduces a new bug that didn’t exist in previous versions of the program. Sometimes when editing text, if you use the Left and Right cursor keys (with or without modifier keys such as the command key or the option key) to move the blinking cursor (a.k.a. I-beam cursor), the cursor will disappear and […]

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Word 2004: No default button in ‘New Style’ dialog box

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 • 3:41 am

In my critique of Word 2004’s “New Style” dialog box (all of which, by the way, also applies to the “Modify Style” dialog box, which is the same) in the previous post, I forgot to mention one big glaring flaw. Take a look at this: Yup. It’s a dialog box with “OK” and “Cancel” buttons, […]

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Word 2004: Formatting settings in style definition changed when moving styles around with Organizer

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 • 1:13 am

This one is another one that irritates me to no end. I work as a translator and make full use of Word’s multilingual capabilities. More specifically, I have templates and styles that use the “English (US)“, “English (UK)“, “French“, and “French Canadian” language settings. (I am still waiting for Microsoft to finally acknowledge the existence […]

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Word 2004: Remaining flaws in style definition process

Saturday, June 19th, 2004 • 12:52 am

In Word 2004, Microsoft has tried to improve the user experience when it comes to creating new styles and editing and using existing styles. In typical Microsoft fashion, however, they have done little more than to add a coat of paint to the existing interface, and the end result doesn’t bring much real improvement in […]

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