Articles posted on January 14th, 2004

Ted Landau on Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004 • 6:37 am

Ted Landau of fame has a column about a “secret” Mac media event organized last year by Microsoft, which he was not allowed to reveal until after the January 2004 Macworld Expo. The motivation behind the event was and remains unclear, and the fact that it was an “all expenses paid” type of deal […]

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Panther’s Address Book: Major issue with Canadian postal codes and Autocomplete feature

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004 • 5:03 am

Here’s a bug report that I sent to Apple today: * SUMMARY Address Book: Autocomplete should be off by default for postal code field. * STEPS TO REPRODUCE 1. Go to Address Book application. 2. Use “Canada” for default format for mailing addresses. 3. Create one AB entry with postal code “B5A 2T1” 4. Create […]

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Word X: Brain-dead split bar behavior

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004 • 4:27 am

Open a Word document. Use the split bar to split the window into two separate panes in order to display two different sections of the same document at the same time. Go to the second pane, scroll down the document, do some text editing. Take your mouse pointer, drag it to the first pane, click […]

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Seaman: Arsène Wenger was right

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004 • 3:26 am

While David Seaman is deservedly hailed following his announced retirement, no one seems to mention that, once again, Wenger was right in his concern last year that David Seaman wouldn’t last another season, which prompted his decision to move to Manchester City. On the other hand, Kevin Keegan doesn’t look so smart, and surely this […]

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