Seaman: Arsène Wenger was right

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
January 14th, 2004 • 3:26 am

While David Seaman is deservedly hailed following his announced retirement, no one seems to mention that, once again, Wenger was right in his concern last year that David Seaman wouldn’t last another season, which prompted his decision to move to Manchester City.

On the other hand, Kevin Keegan doesn’t look so smart, and surely this latest setback will further hurt his chances of staying at the helm. While Seaman’s replacement David James has had good moments in his West Ham and England career, he’s also been very inconsistent, and that’s not likely to bring more of the stability and determination badly needed by Anelka and his peers at this stage.

But things are hard to predict. Much credit should go to Arsène Wenger for foreseeing what would happen to David Seaman this season, and bringing in Lehmann instead. While I don’t particularly like the new keeper (he doesn’t seem to be a very friendly character), he’s certainly done a decent enough job so far for Arsenal, with his only big blunder coming in a FA Cup game against Leeds where it was of very little consequence.

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  1. Matthew G says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more re Seaman. And I have to say I was a bit shocked that Wenger let him go for a bosman at the beginning of the season – but what can you do? I guess he wasn’t the sort of player you make money from.

    And overall I don’t think that’s Wengers game – to buy cheap and resell his players. If you look at all the incredible buys Wengers had (Viera for 4mill, Henry for 10… 10!) and now that they are superstars the last thing they want is to leave. Interestingly enough Arsene Wenger actually insisted that Vieira, along with Remi Garde, be signed by Arsenal before he took over as Arsenal boss. Vieira signed in August, and Wenger took over the following month.

    Back to goal keepers – I don’t mind Lehmann you know, ok he’s agressive but his game has him coming out at corners and ‘sweeping’ almost like a 5th defender. And when you’ve got Ashley Cole on your goal line you can afford to have a wandering goalie… I think he’ll setlle in to be a great keeper, and then there’s Stuart Taylor who had that great game against Juventus a few years back.

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    I am OK with Lehmann’s performance – but I like a player who smiles from time to time :).

  3. Matthew G says:

    It the German in him – absolutely no sense of humour…. although after todays 2-0 win over Villa I think even Lehmann will be smiling!!! ;-)

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