Mac OS X 10.3.2 fixes CD mounting performance issues

Posted by Pierre Igot in: iTunes
December 29th, 2003 • 4:46 am

The Mac OS X 10.3.2 update appears to have fixed the problem that I had with the whole system temporarily freezing every time a CD or DVD volume was being mounted.

On the other hand, I’ve just accidentally pressed the Eject key to close my CD tray while I had a CD in it that wasn’t properly in place. My G4 has closed the CD tray, but part of the CD is sticking out. Needless to say, the machine doesn’t seem to be too happy about it. But worst of all the Eject key no longer works! How am I supposed to open the tray to remove the CD now? Ah, the joys of having software-based controls for physical devices! If the software is not designed properly, you’re stuck!

PS: Oops, I guess I was wrong about the freezing being fixed. It’s still there if you’re trying to use another application while an audio CD is mounting in iTunes. Bummer.

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  1. Paul Ingraham says:

    Hmmm, not having that problem myself. All is well while CDs and DVDs mount.

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