EPL: Day 19 (Southampton 0 – Arsenal 1)

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
December 29th, 2003 • 8:11 am

Ah, Arsenal… The EPL team with enough technical skill in a single game to fill ten instructional videos! They were just magnificent today, especially Vieira, who appears to be back to his best form. Thierry Henry was excellent as usual, and Kolo Touré impressive again both as a defensive player and as a player going forward.

Arsenal could have spared us the nervousness of relying on a single-goal lead to snatch victory, by scoring a couple more goals. But we have little reason to complain when the opposing team is so well contained.

I cannot help but contrast this victory with Manchester United’s own victory yesterday, which enables them to maintain their top position for a couple more weeks. Manchester were much less impressive and had to rely on a huge deflection by the unlucky Middlesborough defense to get their goal. They were really lucky to get all three points. Arsenal, on the other hand, fully deserved theirs.

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  1. Matthew G says:

    Simply stunning is how I’d describe the Arsenal season so far, even with all the suspensions and injuries so far we’ve managed to maintain an historic unbeaten record and even given some of the youth team invaluable experience !

    If we can have a fully fit Viera, Cole, Cambell & Henry for the second half of the season then we’ll be a fair chance to do take the treble – and that`s without Chelski’s millions.

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    Well, some performances have been iffy to say the least (Portsmouth, Bolton, etc.). But it could be argued that it’s probably impossible for a team to be excellent in each and every game. Still, the endless quest for perfection continues :).

  3. Matthew G says:

    ok, another on that list was last night’s struggle against Everton. It shows that if you really get in the face of a team you can unsettle them and harry them into a mistake or an opportunity to steal the game. A

    nd the Arse have won several games this season by the skin of their teeth and by creating some mad luck too (against Chelsea°

    I think the pressure of having been unbeaten for so long is starting to tell as well…

  4. Pierre Igot says:

    Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the Everton – Arsenal game, but it does sound like it was a tight one. Of course being unbeaten creates some pressure, but it’s the good kind! :)

  5. Matthew G says:

    I think there is a world-wide licensing thing that the EPL does because over here in Paris the main game was Liverpool v Chelsea and I had to hunt around for some shifty pub who had a questionable subscription to sky satellite to watch it.

    Which is odd becuase when I was in Australia Fox Sports showed about 70% of teh games each week…

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