Apple thanks me for renewing .Mac

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
October 9th, 2003 • 1:41 am

Like other customers who have renewed their .Mac subscription, I received a “Thank you for renewing” email from Apple the other day.

I already mentioned the problem with the special offer that is part of the renewal. The offer I chose was the $30CDN electronic rebate on my next purchase at the Apple store. The trouble was that the rebate page said that the rebate would expire on September 25, 2003, while the “Thank you” page after renewing said that the “special gift” (i.e. the rebate) would be sent 4-6 weeks from October 6, 2003 PDT.

Well, now here’s what the “Thank you for renewing” email says:

If you haven’t chosen your special thank-you gift yet, you can visit
and choose it at any time before October 20, 2003 EDT.

If you’ve already made your choice, it will be mailed out within 4 weeks.
Please note that delivery of software may take up to 8 weeks after it is mailed
depending on your geographic location. Deliveries outside of the U.S. will
have the longest lead time. If you do not receive your offer in a timely
fashion email us for help at

Mailed out? An electronic rebate? I’m telling you… The whole process suffers from an utter lack of professionalism. It’s not like there were a million different options for the “special gift”.

And then, I go to the above mentioned page, enter my information, and what does it tell me?

You are not eligible to claim a special offer at this time.

I am starting to find this very annoying. is going to get an earful, and they’d better reply promptly.

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  1. Matthew says:

    yep, i thought the same, “Mail my rebate?” i want £15 off panther.

    ive emailed the accounts dept and im waiting for answer.

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