Articles posted on October 1st, 2003

Abnormal CPU usage in Mac OS X: Here we go again

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003 • 11:57 pm

Here we go again… My machine is feeling sluggish all of a sudden. I look at the MenuMeters indicators, and they say that both CPUs are saturated (100%). Yet I look at the “top” list in Terminal, and, apart from top itself, the top CPU-using process is Photoshop with… 4.5 % on average. The line […]

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Word X: Selecting in tables

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003 • 11:22 pm

There are days when I hate Word X with a passion. It usually involves documents that I’ve received from someone else and that I have to edit. Tables are often used in Word for page layout purposes, because Word’s other page layout tools are not sufficient. But then what Microsoft doesn’t realize is that, when […]

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Díäcrítícäl Späm

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003 • 4:20 pm

Looks like the spammers have come up with a new trick… My mailboxes are being flooded these days with messages with subject lines such as “Nümbër 1 Formulä for Men” or “Men, Nö Síde ëffects”. I suppose that they are hoping that the spam filters will believe that “Síde ëffects” is not the same as […]

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