Mailsmith Glitches and Bugs

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
June 24th, 2003 • 7:10 pm

Now on to the less than satisfactory stuff…

When mailboxes created in Mail have a file name that’s longer than 31 characters, the resulting mailbox created by Mailsmith during the importing process has a truncated file name with a string such as “#7312F” attached to it. Mailsmith supports long names for mailboxes, but obviously not during the importing process. This means that all these mailboxes have to be renamed manually.

On several occasions, when expanding a mailbox “folder” (i.e. a mailbox containing other mailboxes) to view its contents, Mailsmith shows the list of mailboxes, with the little “busy” animation next to each (indicating that it’s counting the number of messages in each mailbox). The trouble is that the busy animation never goes away. It keeps turning and turning, and nothing happens. You can double-click on an affected mailbox to view its contents, but the “busy” animation next to the name of the mailbox continues. The only solution I’ve found is to quit and relaunch Mailsmith. The next time I went to the offending mailbox and expanded it, the “busy” signal appeared for a second, and then Mailsmith correctly displayed the number of messages.

Speaking of message counts, by default Mailsmith does not display the number of messages in each mailbox next to its name. It only displays the number of new messages. If there aren’t any, it displays nothing. I like to see both the total message count and the number of new messages at all times. You can do this by checking the “Show Message Count” option for each mailbox (through the contextual menu or the Mailbox Information window). But if you SELECT all your mailboxes and apply the option to them, Mailsmith only applies it to the mailboxes at the root level of your Mailbox List, not to mailboxes contained in other mailboxes. So if you want to SHOW the message count for all your mailboxes, you have to open each mailbox folder and apply the option to the mailboxes it contains, and so on if, like me, you have mailboxes that are buried several levels deep. Annoying.

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