Articles posted on June 13th, 2003

No more Internet Explorer for the Mac

Friday, June 13th, 2003 • 11:20 pm

Apparently, the head of Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit has confirmed that no future versions of Internet Explorer will be released for the Mac. This is hardly surprising stuff. Microsoft kills the competition (Netscape) with a slightly superior product (at the time), taking advantage of its monopoly situation, and economic uncertainty, then stops developing the product […]

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Word X: Trying to use styles

Friday, June 13th, 2003 • 6:46 pm

The MVPs I have spoken to have always insisted that Word is more stable, reliable, and efficient when you use style-based formatting rather than what they call “manual formatting”, which is what you do when you just click on the “B” button to turn the selection INTO bold characters or the ruler to add tabs […]

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Friday, June 13th, 2003 • 5:37 pm

We already know that, in the strange world of modern America, Saddam Hussein really was behind Sept. 11 and that the hijackers were Iraqi citizens, but Bush logic has reached a whole new level in the past few weeks: “What the definition of ‘WMD’ is” by Jake Tapper, When President George W. Bush says […]

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Word X: Autonumbering features

Friday, June 13th, 2003 • 12:03 am

Only one thing to say: Don’t use them. Ever. They must be one of the most badly broken things in Word in its current incarnation. And that’s saying something. I just spent an hour trying to fix numbering issues in a document I created by putting together various documents created by my wife. She has […]

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