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June 13th, 2003 • 5:37 pm

We already know that, in the strange world of modern America, Saddam Hussein really was behind Sept. 11 and that the hijackers were Iraqi citizens, but Bush logic has reached a whole new level in the past few weeks:

What the definition of ‘WMD’ is” by Jake Tapper, Salon.com

When President George W. Bush says “cow,” does he really mean “milk”? Does he use the terms “light bulb factory” and “light bulb” interchangeably? According to White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, when the president declared two weeks ago Friday that “weapons of mass destruction” had indeed been found in Iraq, he was merely using a term — as he has on myriad occasions — that he wields as a synonym for weapons of mass destruction programs as well.

The rest of the article is impossible to summarize. Suffice to say that… well, I’m not quite sure how many American citizens watch Polish TV on a regular basis.

What is clear as mud is that everything and its opposite are true, depending on the time of day, the colour of Henri IV’s white horse, and who’s actually paying attention:

On Fox News Sunday, William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, said that “people like me, who were hawks, said the war was both just, prudent and urgent.” The war, in Kristol’s estimation, was still just and prudent. “But it is fair to say that if we don’t find serious weapons of mass destruction capabilities, the case for urgency, which Bush and [British Prime Minister Tony] Blair certainly articulated, is going to be undercut to some degree.”

As people like James Taranto of the OpinionJournal.com web site would put it, “You don’t say,” Mr. Kristol.

I guess Fox News is better than Polish TV, although I’m not sure I would go as far as to say that the Fox News Channel is “fair and balanced” — as opposed to, say, the New York Times, for example.

Mr. Kristol was on French TV last week apparently trying to take the temperature of European public opinion. He was copiously booed, didn’t have anything new to say, and had this huge permanent grin that must have endeared him to millions of French citizens.

It’s all getting spookier by the day.

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