Acrobat 6 for Mac OS X: Bad news for Mac-using creative professionals

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
June 6th, 2003 • 10:08 pm

Reading the MacInTouch Reader Report on the recently released Acrobat 6 for Mac OS X, I am afraid the news is very bad.

From ultra-slow performance for the simplest tasks to crippled “Professional” software that can’t even create “smart” PDF files (with tables of contents) from Microsoft Word documents — whereas the Windows version of Acrobat has been able to do so for years — it really does not sound good at all.

I am afraid it all but confirms not only that Adobe is gradually becoming just another Microsoft, but also that Adobe is simply shunning its Mac-using customers, to the point that purchasing Adobe products for the Mac makes less and less business sense.

Based on these reader reports, the lack of features and poor performance in Acrobat 6 for Mac OS X is an insult to Mac users.

I am also afraid it further demonstrates how Apple is losing its grip on the creative professional market. The poor sales of Power Mac G4 computers are no accident, and it’s not just an issue of raw performance.

As a creative professional myself, I am very concerned. I understand that Apple had to focus on its “consumer” line of products for a while in ORDER to restore its financial health — but we creative professionals have been treated as an afterthought by Apple for far too long.

Will I be recommending the purchase of Acrobat 6 to my employer? I’ll have to see a number of positive reviews by publications I trust in ORDER to be convinced. Until then, I’ll have to hope that my work won’t require creating smart PDF files any time soon!

Very bad news indeed.

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