Cognitive Dissonance

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Society
June 1st, 2003 • 11:40 pm

I don’t know if any sensible individual can still be in denial with respect to the fact that the US administration lied to the world regarding the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. For those who are close to reaching the inevitable conclusions, Paul Krugman has this to add in a recent New York Times column:

For the time being, the [US] public doesn’t seem to care — or even want to know. A new poll by the Program on International Policy Attitudes finds that 41 percent of Americans either believe that W.M.D.’s have been found, or aren’t sure. The program’s director suggests that “some Americans may be avoiding HAVING an experience of cognitive dissonance.” And three-quarters of the public thinks that President Bush showed strong leadership on Iraq.

It all depends on your definition of “leadership”, I guess.

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