Adobe CS5.5 Installer: Asks you to quit applications you didn’t launch

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
June 21st, 2011 • 9:22 am

More fun with the Adobe CS5.5 installer… It of course still forces you, like its predecessors, to quit all your web browsers during the installation process:

Quit browsers

Nothing new here. There is still no option not to install the Adobe Internet plug-in for viewing PDF documents, if you prefer your browser’s built-in viewer or, like me, you prefer to download your PDFs and view them separately in Preview. Adobe still refuses to take your needs and wants into account, and still doesn’t even give you the option of quitting and relaunching your browsers later.

But it gets worse. Here is another warning that I got while installing Adobe CS5.5 on my system:


And another one:

QT32 Server

Apparently, Adobe finds it perfectly normal that the average Mac OS X user should know about processes named “CS5ServiceManager“ and “Adobe QT32 Server” that are not even stand-alone applications that the user ever sees or is able to launch, and of course are processes that the user is not even able to quit using the normal Mac OS X user interface (Dock, menu bar).

As far as I can tell, for these two processes that the Adobe CS5.5 installer asked me to quit before proceeding, the only GUI-based solution is to launch Mac OS X’s Activity Viewer utility, sort the list of running processes alphabetically, locate these two processes in the list, select them and use the “Quit” button in Activity Viewer’s toolbar.

This is obviously ridiculous. But apparently, as we say in French, le ridicule ne tue pas, and it certainly does not seem to bother anyone at Adobe.

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