Word 2011: Already officially disgusted with it

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
November 19th, 2010 • 6:13 pm

You know what that new application icon for Word 2011 makes me think of?

Word 2011 icon

A two-finger salute. Only in this case I cannot help but feel that the hand sign is actually meant to be a double middle-finger salute—in other words, a double f***-you.

See, less than three weeks after having spent nearly $200CDN on the thing, I can already announce that, in my view, Word 2011 in particular is a f***ing piece of sh*t.

Today, Word 2011 decided to crash on me. Is it my fault if it crashes on me? In Microsoft’s view, it probably is. I simply shouldn’t attempt to use it the way I am trying to use it, i.e. to do real work on real-world Word documents. Which is exactly what I was doing when it crashed.

And when I relaunched it, guess what? All my customizations were gone. All the preference settings were back to their default values. The little custom toolbar that I had created for quick access to paragraph spacing options was gone. The handful of buttons (for “Keep With Next Paragraph,” “Keep Lines Together,” “Fit to Window,” and so on) that I had added to the existing toolbars were gone.

And now when I try to add the customizations back, they won’t stick. I quit and relaunch Word and they are gone again. I have replaced all the preference files and application support files that I could find with the same files from yesterday’s backup. It makes no difference. Even the most basic application-wide preference settings, such as turning off the “When selecting, automatically select entire word” behaviour, simply will not stick. I have to change them back each and every time I relaunch Word, which of course, I have to do every time it crashes.

What the f*** is wrong with this little expensive piece of sh*t?

I hate Microsoft. Why do I have to waste my time troubleshooting this crap? Who’s going to pay for all the time I waste doing so?

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