Apple Store (Canada): Lousy French translation

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
September 10th, 2010 • 5:30 pm

Here’s what the Apple Store web page has in its top-right corner when you have something in your cart, inviting to click on the green button to check out:

Apple Store US

Here’s what the same page looks like in the French-language Apple Store for France:

Apple Store FR

And here’s what the same page looks like in the French-language Apple Store for Canada:

Apple Store CA

I don’t know what is more shocking: that anyone at Apple Canada would think that they need to have a Canada-specific translation instead of simply using the French translation from the French store, or that someone who uses “Vérifier maintenant” as the French translation for “Check Out Now” calls himself/herself a translator.

Needless to say, I’ve fired a textual missile in the general direction of the feedback department at the Apple Store, but I have little hope of it being read by anyone or of Apple doing anything about it. After all, if their French-language quality standards are so poor that they have let this slip through in the first place…

And if you think this is an isolated incident, consider this:

Guest Checkout

Contrôle de l’invité” is supposed to be French for… “Guest Checkout.” Ouch. Is this the way to the strip search, Sir?

And then there is this:

Missing e

And then this:


Yes, this is the French-language web site for the Canadian Apple Store.

Methinks it is something other than the invité that needs to be contrôlé here.

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