Safari 5.0.1: Opens new pages in tabs

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
July 29th, 2010 • 2:39 pm

After I installed the Safari 5.0.1 update this morning and rebooted my Mac, as requested by the installer, something weird happened. Whenever I clicked on a link in another application, the page would open in a new tab in the current frontmost window in Safari, instead of opening in a new window as it used to do.

Since I knew that this particular behaviour was handled by a setting in Safari’s preferences, I went there to check if, by any chance, the installation of the 5.0.1 update had caused Safari to change that setting.

But the setting (under “Tabs”) had not changed. It still said: “Open pages in tabs instead of windows: Never,” as before.

Yet obviously Safari was now opening pages in tabs instead of windows.

Fortunately, the fix was pretty simple. I simply manually switched the setting from “Never” to “Always” and back.

And after that, Safari started behaving properly again, opening new pages in new windows rather than new tabs.

I thought I’d mention this glitch here in case other people experience the same problem.

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