Mail 2.0: ‘Undo Mark as Junk’ doesn’t undo anything

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Mail
December 18th, 2005 • 4:36 pm

This is the kind of basic stuff that is utterly broken in Mail.

I use Mail with its junk filter on and in “automatic” mode, where it automatically detects junk mail and moves it to the Junk mailbox. When I get a junk mail message that Mail didn’t mark as junk mail and move to the Junk box automatically, I select it and click on the “Junk” button in the toolbar.

This marks it as junk and moves it to the Junk box, and hopefully also teaches Mail to identify such messages as junk mail automatically in the future.

But then sometimes I mark a message as junk by mistake. And that’s where Mail is utterly broken. When I accidentally mark a message as junk, the “Undo” command in the “Edit” menu becomes “Undo Mark as Junk,” as it should.

However, if I select the “Undo Mark as Junk” command or press command-Z, Mail… doesn’t undo anything. The message stays in the Junk box, and it’s still marked as junk.

What the hell am I supposed to think? What does “Undo Mark as Junk” actually undo? Nothing, as far as I can tell.

There’s no justification for such basic functionality being so utterly broken.

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