FileMaker Pro 8: Font smoothing problems still not fixed

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
September 8th, 2005 • 10:26 am

Thursday morning fun:

  1. Read this post.
  2. Read this post.
  3. Look at this screen shot, taken from within FileMaker Pro 8:
    Font smoothing in FileMaker pop-up list

I guess it’s official: FileMaker doesn’t give a hoot about such details. Yeah, yeah, I know, my selection colour is not the standard pale blue. It’s a darker shade of green. So what? Mac OS X fully supports proper font smoothing even over dark backgrounds. The proof is that it works just fine in FileMaker’s own text fields. It just doesn’t work properly in FileMaker’s pop-up lists. Why? Because FileMaker doesn’t care. They have adopted Microsoft as a role model: As long as it looks like the application supports Mac OS X features, it is good enough.

Some role model that they have chosen here.

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  1. brianw says:

    This makes me weep. Does anyone who works there actually use the program?? I remember noticing this YEARS ago and thinking “hmm, bet there will be a .1 release in a few days to correct this”… sigh.

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