Mail 2.0: Dead space between button icon and text label

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Mail
August 1st, 2005 • 11:08 am

Yet another example of Apple’s puzzling lack of care:

Mail 2.0 - Space between button and label

If you click with your mouse exactly where the pointer is in this picture in Mail 2.0 toolbar, nothing will happen. Or, more exactly, if you click and drag, Mail will… move the whole window, as if you were clicking and dragging on its title bar or the other dead space in the toolbar.

What’s going on here? I would understand this behaviour if the button icon itself was the only way to activate the button. But in fact the text label (“Delete” in this case) is also clickable. You can also click on the “Delete” button by clicking on its text label.

In other words, it makes absolutely no sense that there should be a dead space that is not part of the button somewhere in the space between the button text label and the button icon. Yet that’s exactly what is happening.

How can Apple — a company so well known for its attention to detail — be so careless?

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