GarageBand 2: Refuses to move software instrument notes to the very end of the region

Posted by Pierre Igot in: GarageBand, Music
June 9th, 2005 • 12:42 am

This is a rather annoying bug and, as far as I can recall, it was introduced in GarageBand 2. Version 1.x didn’t suffer from it.

It happens when you select a note in a software instrument loop and try to drag it to the very end of the loop. Take the following note for example:

Note near end of loop

It’s near the end of the loop. It’s a note with a perfect duration (exactly 4 subdivisions). Yet if I try to drag it to the very end of the loop, so that the four beats of the note cover the last four subdivisions of the loop, I can’t. No matter how hard I try, GarageBand 2 doesn’t let me go farther than this:

Note won't go any farther

Yet there is enough room — exactly one more subdivision — for the note to fit one notch farther to the right. But GarageBand 2 won’t let me. I have to either extend the loop to the right or shorten the duration of the note. It doesn’t make sense.

It also happens when you select more than one note, e.g. when you are trying to move a whole series of notes farther to the right. GarageBand 2 consistently refuses to go all the way, i.e. to let the last note in the selection fit exactly within the last subdivision in the loop.

It is rather frustrating.

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