Transfer cash for Arsène Wenger and Chelsea hacking their way to the top

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
February 3rd, 2005 • 7:03 am

BBC Sport reports on Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Woods telling Arsène Wenger he has money for new players. Er — didn’t the transfer window just close for another six months?

Meanwhile, I am beginning to like Chelsea less and less… Apparently, their manager Mourinho was not happy about the fact that Blackburn played “dirty” last night. He said:

They felt they couldn’t beat us playing football so they tried to beat us in a different way – direct football, first ball, second ball, being nasty and hard and trying to intimidate players.

As a reader in The Fiver put it today:

Poor old Jose Mourinho…upset because the opposition are kicking his
players, just because they can’t match them for skill. Chelsea would
never do such a thing. Except when Frank Lampard put Xabi Alonso out
for the season a few months back. Obviously, like Jose, I’m not
saying Lampard deliberately injured Alonso…it’s just bad luck that
Liverpool lost their way in a game which they’d been dominating.

And then there is John Terry… He might be “inspirational” for his team mates, but he got away with some pretty nasty tackles himself last night. And for those who say Chelsea’s FA Cup game last week-end, is there any doubt that the only reason Huth was unmarked on the first goal was because John Terry deliberately and blatantly blocked the Birmingham player that was running after Huth? I mean, you can see him rush to make sure he’s going to be in the path of the Birmingham player. Of course, all this happens while the referee has his eyes on the ball.

All this adds up to a pretty poor picture.

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