Articles posted on February 3rd, 2005

Transfer cash for Arsène Wenger and Chelsea hacking their way to the top

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005 • 7:03 am

BBC Sport reports on Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Woods telling Arsène Wenger he has money for new players. Er — didn’t the transfer window just close for another six months? Meanwhile, I am beginning to like Chelsea less and less… Apparently, their manager Mourinho was not happy about the fact that Blackburn played “dirty” last night. […]

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pMachine: Customizing the comment form when registration is required

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005 • 5:18 am

As regular Betalogue readers know, due to comment spam issues, I was recently forced to change the default behaviour on my blog for users wanting to post comments on a blog item. Betalogue readers now have to register before they can post a comment. Before that, unregistered users could see a form at the bottom […]

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