EPL 2005: Day 14 (Arsenal 1 – West Brom 1)

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
November 23rd, 2004 • 5:45 am

Maybe it’s just me, but I found that this week-end’s action was rather boring. We got to see Manchester comfortably beat Charlton 2-0, then Middlesborough beat Liverpool 2-0 without being particularly impressive, then Manchester City finally get an away win at Portsmouth 3-1. But none of these games were particularly interesting. The Sunday feature between Blackburn and Birmingham was on pay-per-view here, and we certainly were not going to spend $15 + tax on that kind of game, but it looks as if it might have been the most exciting of the lot! And last night’s Aston Villa victory against Tottenham 1-0 was not exactly thrilling either, although the goal itself by Solano was something special.

Arsenal continued with their poor run of form and were unable to capitalize on the Chelsea – Bolton draw 2-2, by drawing themselves 1-1 at home against West Brom, of all teams. Based on the highlights, it doesn’t look like it was an extremely poor game, but this was definitely a game that the Gunners were expected to win rather comfortably.

This is not very good news ahead of the all-important Champions’ League feature away at PSV Eindhoven this week and next Sunday’s trip to Anfield. Liverpool are struggling to find consistency, but they’ll be playing at home and Gerrard is back in action… It could be a tricky week. I guess it’s fair to say that the Gunners really need to recapture their early season form now. The damage so far is relatively small, but they cannot afford to go on like this forever.

The only really exciting thing this week-end was the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Now here is a “massive” game that lived up to its billing! Real Madrid were thoroughly outclassed, and Barcelona was exciting to watch. I don’t usually watch Spanish football, but after this week-end’s disappointment in England, I might have to revise my viewing habits (although the English-language commentary by the Gol TV people was rather painful to listen to, I must say).

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