Articles posted on November 16th, 2004

Xserve G4 running Panther Server 10.3.6: Won’t restart automatically after a power outage

Tuesday, November 16th, 2004 • 2:22 am

Another way in which the recent power outages in our region has affected me is that the Xserve server that I am administering and that is hosting my employer’s mail and web servers is no longer working as it used to. The Xserve is on a APC Smart 1000U UPS unit, which keeps it on […]

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Powerless in Nova Scotia

Tuesday, November 16th, 2004 • 2:13 am

We have a major power outage happening here in Nova Scotia and it is not pretty. The storm didn’t seem to be particularly nasty, although it was quite early. (Typically Nova Scotia gets 6 cm of snow in November on average. This storm alone dumped up to 45 cm of snow in some places.) Yes, […]

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