Excel 2004: Still no proper support for font smoothing

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Microsoft
November 12th, 2004 • 4:40 am

Unlike Word 2004, which supports Quartz font smoothing in most areas of its interface, Excel 2004 still does not support the technology properly. Whenever you try to edit a table cell, for example, you get something like this:

Font smoothing in Excel 2004

I realize that my preferred selection highlighting colour is a bit darker than the default shades suggested in Mac OS X — but there is no reason for these ugly white smears in the first place. I use the same selection highlighting colour in Word 2004 and I never get these white smears when I select text in a document.

This is not just esthetically displeasing. It’s actually hard to read!

With Excel X, Microsoft still had some excuse: They had to rush the Mac OS X out the door so that people could start using Office natively in Mac OS X right away. But there is no such excuse with Excel 2004. And it’s hard to believe that no one at Microsoft has noticed those smears, and how ugly and annoying they are.

As usual, the impression is that they simply don’t care.

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