EPL 2005: Day 8 (Arsenal 4 – Charlton 0)

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
October 3rd, 2004 • 1:07 am

Gasp. I am afraid there are no words for this. Cheeky? Outrageous? They don’t even begin to describe how you feel when you are an Arsenal fan and you see Thierry Henry score with a back heel shot that is more deadly than what most strikers manage to do with the front of their boot. I must admit I just screamed with delight, which had the unfortunate effect of making one of our cats, who was fast asleep on my wife’s lap, tear off to the kitchen in a flash, probably leaving nasty scratch marks on somebody’s thighs. The cat’s name is Kanu, by the way :). His twin brother’s name is Kayak. What can you do?

And it wasn’t even the Gunners’ strongest line-up — although the way that Fabregas is playing every time Arsène Wenger includes him in the team, I think that a couple of aging Brazilians have reasons to worry. It also raises the question: Would you play Fabregas at Old Trafford? There is certainly a strong case for it!

Charlton came to defend, and they did so more or less effectively for half an hour. The TV commentator argued that Charlton didn’t deserve to be a goal down at half-time, but it was hard to agree with him, especially in light of the fact that Arsenal had dominated in every part of the game. Arsenal deserved at least a goal for their work, and Charlton didn’t deserve one, so there’s your fairness calculation at half-time.

And then on came the Thierry Henry show. Again, what can you say? It’s unfortunate that Thierry doesn’t often hit this kind of form on the international stage, but it’ll come. He’s still only 27, you know.

Today’s big game is between Chelsea and Liverpool, but I won’t be watching, because it’s on pay-per-view here in Canada, and, well, I am afraid the way that Chelsea is playing these days doesn’t really justify the expense. They might be getting the results, but where’s the style? I am afraid I simply cannot condone with my VISA card the negative tactics brought by Mourinho from Portugal. Good luck to Liverpool.

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