Word 2004: Using ‘Preview’ button in ‘Print’ dialog kills keyboard shortcuts in dialog boxes

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
June 23rd, 2004 • 5:28 am

This one is a bug that already existed in Word X (I reported it here) and is 100% reproducible.

Open a document in Word. Select the “Print…” command. In the “Print” dialog box, click on the “Preview” button, which is a Mac OS X button available in all “Print” dialog boxes that creates a temporary PDF file of the document and opens it in the Preview application.

The previewing process works fine. But then, after that, if you return to Word and resume work on your document, you will notice that, whenever you invoke a dialog box (for example, through the “Open…” command or the “Find…” command), the dialog box will open just fine and will be usable with the mouse, but none of the usual keyboard shortcuts will work in the dialog box: the Return key doesn’t work as a shortcut for clicking on the default button, the Escape key doesn’t work as a shortcut for clicking on the “Cancel” button, etc.

And it will stay this way until you actually quit and relaunch Word altogether.

It is extremely annoying, especially if, like me, you use Mac OS X’s built-in “Preview” button all the time to see what your documents will actually look like in print (rather than Word’s own lousy “Preview” command).

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