FA Cup 4th Round: The Arsenal – Middlesborough game will be shown in Canada

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
January 19th, 2004 • 10:39 pm

Sportsnet Canada appear to have changed their minds about the FA Cup 4th Round games that they will show on TV next Saturday (January 24). The good news for Arsenal fans is that the Arsenal – Middlesborough game will be shown after all, at 10:30 am (30-minute delay). US viewers will have to access it through pay-per-view.

No luck for the League Cup semi-finals, however. These will be shown exclusively in bars through the Setanta network. Given that the closest bar is a 3-hour drive, I won’t be seeing these ones :).

The North American networks haven’t decided which Champions’ League games they will be showing in February yet. We typically get the usual suspects (Real Madrid, Manchester United, etc.) but since Celta Vigo is a Spanish team, we might have a chance of seeing the Arsenal game. (The North American networks that show soccer games have a heavy South American bias and tend to show the games involving teams with popular South American players, such as Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.)

I get all my information from the usually very reliable www.soccertv.com.

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