Safari: Cursor not changing to hand icon

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
December 8th, 2003 • 11:49 pm

This is a problem that doesn’t seem to want to go away in Safari. It was there in the early betas and is still there in the latest version (1.1.1).

On some web pages, when the cursor hovers over an active link, the cursor icon doesn’t change to a “hand” symbol like it’s supposed to.

For example, it doesn’t change properly when you hover over the article links on the home page. It does change to a hand icon properly when you hover over the navigation bar at the top, but not the article links themselves.

It might very well be that the HTML code on the home page is not standards-compliant. But a link is a link. If Safari interprets HTML code properly as a link, then it should change the icon to a hand symbol no matter what.

(I had a look at the code and I don’t see anything in the HTML code for the links themselves that would explain why the cursor doesn’t change. Maybe something in the CSS?)

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  1. Pierre Igot says:

    Maybe so, but this should not be required. It should be default behavior. I can’t exactly ask all the designers of all the pages that I visit to update their code just so that it works better in Safari :).

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey I have been having the same problem and after a google search (apart from finding your page) I also found this:

    Basically add cursor: pointer to the A:LINK… declarations and all should be fine!

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