EPL: Day 15, Part 2 (Southampton 3 – Charlton 2)

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
December 7th, 2003 • 6:18 am

Boy, was I wrong in assuming that the Sunday games would be dreadfully boring. OK, so the first one was, and I didn’t watch much of it. But Southampton against Charlton! Who knew what they had in store?

I missed the first half due to my assumptions, but caught a glimpse of the score at the half (2-0) and turned it on for the second half. Scott Parker immediately scored a beautiful goal to pull Charlton back into the game (2-1).

It was obviously a very open and entertaining game, and the second half didn’t disappoint. A quarter of an hour later, Scott Parker doubled his tally and levelled the score. What an exciting young player he is! It was really surprising that he hadn’t scored any yet this season. Let’s hope this kick-starts his scoring statistics in 2003-2004.

Charlton hit the post once after that, but Southampton, to their credit, continued to threaten — and finally took back the lead 10 minutes before time. It was a bit too much to ask the Charlton players, who once again were trailing, to find the strength and the resources to get something out of this game — although it was typically the kind of game where neither team deserves to lose, but neither deserves to get only one point for all their effort either.

As the English commentator said during the game, here’s hoping that more of the entertainment this season will be provided by teams other than the top 3.

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