Mac OS X Hint: Selecting portions of URLs in Panther’s Mail

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
December 1st, 2003 • 7:08 am

A good hint today at Mac OS X Hints: When a email message you’ve received contains a URL, Mail automatically turns it into a “live” link. When the mouse pointer hovers over that link, the pointer changes to a hand symbol, and a single click anywhere on the URL opens the corresponding page in Safari or your browser of choice.

As Rob says, while this behaviour is convenient, one often has to select a portion of a URL in order to copy and paste it somewhere else. The workaround is usually to start the selection a few characters before the beginning of the URL, and then remove the extra bits later on.

Now Rob notes that if you hold the command key down, while the cursor remains a hand symbol, you can actually click-and-drag inside the URL to select a portion of it, without triggering the automatic behaviour.

Very handy. How I wish, however, that this tip would also apply to email addresses in Mail’s headers and to links in web pages in Safari!

PS: I couldn’t find a simple way to link directly to a specific hint on the Mac OS X Hints web site. What I ended up doing is clicking on “Print hint” and then removing the “&mode=print” portion in the URL of the resulting page. Still, there must be a simpler way. Am I missing something?

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  1. brian w says:

    That’s funny. I (just about) always get to an entry on via the RSS feed so the direct URL is generally staring me in the face. But from their main listing page or category archive there’s no direct way to access the permalink. You should drop ’em a line and let ’em know.

  2. Pierre Igot says:

    Just did :).

  3. Pierre Igot says:

    Rob has answered, and says that he’s aware of the problem, and is hoping that it’ll be addressed in the next update of the web publishing software (Geeklog) he uses to run Mac OS X Hints.

    Methinks someone needs to “hint” Rob about how to hack Geeklog :).

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