Panther’s Mail: No “Junk” button in message window

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
November 20th, 2003 • 3:25 am

My Junk Mail filter in Panther’s Mail is still in “training” mode. (I figure that it still has quite a bit to learn.) This means that I usually select those junk messages that it didn’t catch and flag them as junk, so that Mail will learn for the next time.

The trouble is with accessing the “Mark as Junk Mail” command. In the menus, it’s in “Message”, in the “Mark” submenu. In the main Mail Viewer toolbar, you can have a “Junk” button (which changes to “Not Junk” when a message flagged as junk is selected).

You can also use the cmd-shift-J shortcut.

My question is: Why isn’t it possible to add this “Junk” button to the toolbar that appears when you open a message in a separate window? The toolbar in the message window is not the same as the toolbar in the Mail Viewer window. It can be customized separately. But when you open a message window and go to the “Customize Toolbar…” command, the toolbar buttons that you are allowed to add to that particular toolbar do not include the “Junk” button.

Yet the “Mark as Junk Mail” command is available, since you can invoke it by using the cmd-shift-J shortcut while the message window is open. I don’t see why the “Junk” button (which does the same thing) cannot be added to the toolbar. It would give the user an alternative when his hand is on the mouse rather than on the keyboard.

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