Panther and Spell Catcher X

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
October 27th, 2003 • 11:48 pm

I haven’t installed Panther yet. The reason is simple: I don’t have it. My copy of Panther has been ordered through Apple Canada Education but, as usual, there is no indication of when it will actually ship. I’m hoping to receive it in the next few days. I am certainly growing impatient, especially since the positive reports far outweigh the few negative ones and the incompatibilities identified so far do not affect me.

But there is, obviously, the issue of the compatibility of Spell Catcher X with Panther. As regular readers of this blog and of my “Apple Peel” columns know, I am a heavy user of Spell Catcher, and I cannot really imagine working in Mac OS X without it.

The good news is that, on the whole, Spell Catcher is compatible with Panther. It is not 100% compatible, however. But the problems posed by running the current version of Spell Catcher (10.0.2) under Panther are not absolutely crucial.

In fact, the developer of Spell Catcher X, Evan Gross, have written an extensive FAQ on Using Spell Catcher X on Panther. It’s rather technical, but the gist of it is that, as long as you are aware of a few potential problems and their workarounds, you can use Spell Catcher on Panther.

Evan is actively working on the next major UPDATE of Spell Catcher X (10.1), which will be fully Panther-compatible, but since he’s the only person working on it, it will probably take a little while longer.

Now all I need is these Panther CDs in my mail box!

6 Responses to “Panther and Spell Catcher X”

  1. Evan Gross says:

    Hi Pierre,

    You might want to update the links to Spell Catcher X to point to their new home rather than C&G’s now nonexistent domain…

  2. Evan Gross says:

    Thanks – but you missed the second one…

  3. Pierre Igot says:

    Fixed :)

  4. Pierre Igot says:

    Oops, sorry about that, old BBEdit glossary entry that I forgot to update. Thanks for the tip!

  5. thamer haddad says:

    I need A spell catcher for Mac OS X

    Thank you

    Please email me and tell how can I get one

  6. Pierre Igot says:

    Thamer: please follow the link in this post. It’ll take you to the Spell Catcher X product page.

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