Iraq: It might be worse than Vietnam

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Society
July 19th, 2003 • 6:52 pm

The following column by Jeff Danziger is particularly striking:

Tour of Duty or Deplorable Deployment?” by Jeff Danziger, Los Angeles Times

As a complement, the following is a good read as well, even though it’s from the U.K. and it’s much more clearly biased.

20 Lies About the War” by Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitaker, The Independent

I cannot help but wonder how much longer this ridiculous (and very costly, both from a human and from a financial perspective) comedy is going to last. If the recent past is any indication, it could last a while. It depends on how long it will take for the American people to wake up and smell the jus de chaussette.

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