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Posted by Pierre Igot in: Macintosh
May 8th, 2003 • 10:01 pm

The kind of stuff that still makes the MacInTouch web site an indispensable read, after all these years:

I’ve not seen this mentioned so far, so I think it could be new. Since installing 10.2.6 it’s possible to directly type a forward slash (as in 5/7/03) in a file name in the Finder. It use to beep before and prevent you from typing it (obviously not to confuse Unix).

I certainly wouldn’t have noticed… It didn’t make sense that Mac OS X would not let the user type new file names with forward slashes, but would leave older Mac files with slashes in them untouched… Now obviously something enables Mac OS X to work around the limitation.

On the other hand, if you type a colon (:) in a file name in the Finder, Mac OS X lets you type it, but refuses to validate the name, saying that it cannot accept it:

A picture named Finder-NoColon.gif

It would be a bit more helpful if the alert told you exactly which punctuation mark is problematic!

User interface in Mac OS X is still a bit of a hot and cold proposition…

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