FA Cup Replay: Chelsea 1 – Arsenal 3 – High drama at Stamford Bridge

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Football
March 25th, 2003 • 6:30 pm

This FA Cup stuff is getting very exciting indeed. (It’s probably always been this way. It’s the first time we’re actually able to follow it on TV from here in Canada.)

There was lots to get excited about in today’s game, especially if you are an Arsenal fan. Patrick Viera was simply outstanding — and, once again, just like against Manchester United at Old Trafford last month, the whole team had a lot of grit. They were able to block many passes and get out of many difficult (without being too threatening) situations.

Stuart Taylor had a few excellent saves, especially a double one towards the end of the game, when tensions were reaching their peak.

Cygan seems to be improving, although the first yellow card was silly and fully deserved. The second one, however, was entirely due to Hasselbaink’s theatrics. There is just no way that such a slight touch could have brought such a strong player down. But it’s the way it is… The important thing is that we won despite that set-back. Cygan will miss the next game, but Keown should be back by then and, if not, it looks like Touré can do a decent job in central defence as well.

The final goal by Lauren was just amazing. It takes some nerve to just run past defenders like this and give it a go — and then with a bit of luck it goes in! from a purely dramatic point of view, it was the climax of the game.

Obviously not every football game is that exciting, and obviously if you are a “neutral” you don’t get involved in the same way. But this stuff is really fun to watch.

Well done, boys!

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