Slate: Google’s Memory Upgrade

Posted by Pierre Igot in: Technology
March 11th, 2003 • 5:06 pm

Google’s Memory Upgrade

If Google simply uses Blogger to UPDATE its database more rapidly, it won’t change the Web experience as we know it in any profound way. But a genuine trailblazing device would be a way of preserving — and widening — the paths that our lives have carved through information space.

Sounds like a good idea. Amazon already uses a similar approach to “remember” what product pages you’ve recently viewed, etc. There are a number of important issues, however. One is, of course, the fact that so many web pages we visit only have a temporary URL, and often become inaccessible after a week or so (unless you are willing to pay for the right to access them).

So, is this what Google is up to with its recent purchase of Blogger? Time will tell, I guess…

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